Wanna Work With Me?

For High School Students

I sometimes get emails from high school students wishing to work on a research project. First off, thank you for thinking that my work is cool and interesting, and something you’d like to spend some time on. Or maybe you haven’t looked at my work but saw my picture and thought to yourself boy I’d like to work with that guy! Well, whatever your reason is, I’d be happy to learn about what you are interested in and find out how I can help you. Maybe you already have a research project in mind and know that my expertise in an area fits well. Or maybe you like a particular area of research, but haven’t quite formulated the questions you wish to ask, and think that you and I can narrow the focus to come up with a project. Whatever the case may be, please connect with me to share your thoughts, and we can take it from there.

For Those Interested In Teaching A Class

Are you an industry professional that would like to share some of your knowledge by teaching a class? Did you recently earn your Ph.D. (or are currently on your way towards earning your Ph.D.) and have thought about getting some teaching under your belt as you apply for faculty positions? If so, boy do I have an opportunity for you! The Chemical Engineering Department at Manhattan College currently offers three areas of concentration at the graduate level in Biopharmaceuticals, Consumer Products and Cosmetic Engineering, and Principles and Processing of Novel Materials (Biopharma, Cosmetics, and Materials respectively for short). We are always looking for folks to help teach the current course offerings in these areas. However, if your expertise complements what we’re currently offering, perhaps developing a new course may be something you’re interested in. Our department faculty is passionate about teaching and can help you with course development as well as share best practices in the classroom to get you going. Please do connect.